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Jicama for Asian and Mexican cuisine

Jicama is an edible, starchy root often seen in Asian and Mexican cuisine. It has many applications and can be eaten in many ways. For those who haven’t tried it already, jicama is highly unique and prized for its versatility. The flesh is like a pear or potato in terms of texture, but it has a sweetness reminiscent of apples.

Most starchy roots are cooked, but this one is most often eaten raw. Many cut it thin or make it into wedges, then spice them or dip them into salsa. However, it pairs well with cooking and can be eaten on its own or used to thicken soups and other dishes. It’s also a popular addition to salads.

For those looking to try something new and special, jicama is a great choice. It’s easy to prepare and there are countless ways to enjoy it. Either raw and by itself or cooked with spices, you’ll find this is a delicious addition to your diet.

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