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Quanlity Santol

Santol is highly prized in Asia and many surrounding areas. With an unmistakable flavor and unique texture, this fruit is eaten by itself, used in sauces, and has many applications. One of the most striking characteristics would be the large seeds surrounded by puffy flesh, which is extremely sweet and emits a milky liquid.

Often described as a cross between peach, citrus, and floral notes, most people eat the puffy flesh from the seeds. However, the skin can be used in some savory applications and the ripe outer flesh can also be eaten. Used in desserts and even with meats, this fruit is enjoyed in many different ways and you will enjoy every bite.

From its distinct flavor to the unique flesh around the seeds, people around the globe love this fruit. Give it a try today and see why this fruit is so popular. It might become your new favorite food.

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