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We also offer fresh, customized package premium-grade tropical vegetables. Delifresh is your one-stop fruit and veg online market. You can place an order for your fresh organic vegetables either for yourself or your business directly on our website. We deliver freshness to European country’s; plus, we are super punctual.
Our service delivery is easy, fast, and reliable when you want to buy Asian Exotic Tropical Fruit and Vegetables online. Also, our delivery methods are unique and highly specialized. We understand how delicate the product we export is, so we take the utmost care dealing with them during delivery.


Delifresh is the world’s paradise for fruit lovers. Whatever your fruit preferences and needs are, you’re sure to get an abundance of them here. And thanks to our world-class delivery system, we will ensure that these fresh fruits get delivered to you anywhere in Europe. Search through our Thai Exotic Tropical Fruit collection and make your purchase.
Available in stock right now include: durian fruit, Lotus root, Luknieng, Paco fern, Winged bean, Angled loofah, Chayote, Sator Beans, etc. buy fresh Asian Exotic Tropical Fruit and Vegetables online here.

We offer B2B Solutions

Are you a fruit and vegetable business in Bangkok, Thailand or any European country? Do you seek fresh organic exotic fruit and vegetable delivery at your comfort? Do you also imagine the possibility of fast shipping and delivery of your exotic fruits and vegetables? Then Delifresh is right for you. At Delifresh, we offer world-class service and product delivery to all our clients. Need to Order Lotus root from Bangkok, Thailand, to Europe? Delifresh has got you covered.

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Have you been experiencing difficulty ordering fruit, vegetables, and other products online before? Are you tired of, delayed, missed and damaged orders, especially for your fruits and vegetables? Delifresh is here to make all that go away. For example, when you order Lotus roots or buy other fruits and vegetables from our online supermarket, we go through the extra mile to properly package and secure your order, so that they are fresh, organic and delicious upon arrival.
We provide fruit and vegetables online shipping to and from Germany, Thailand, and more. We also offer door to door delivery from Thailand to Europe.

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